Wednesday, November 16, 2011

5x7 Folded Card

Picture In Landscape 5x7 folded card
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Infant R2-D2 Costume Tutorial

For Halloween this year the big kids both decided to dress up as Star Wars characters, so I needed to find an infant Star Wars costume. At first I thought the baby could be Yoda, but my middle boy decided that is what he wanted to be, so baby became R2D2.  After looking in the stores and online I decided to make it for the little guy (3 months old).  It was pretty easy, however, I waited until the last minute so I had to glue it on instead of sewing it (which was difficult for this sewer).  Hope this helps some of you, because I was not able to find anything like this.

2T long sleeve t-shirt
blue felt or  fleece
scrap of white felt or fleece
scrap of red felt or fleece
grey hat or old t-shirt to make one
glue (if you are going to glue rather than sew)

To make the hat:

I used an old stretchy t-shirt and a hat I had as a pattern.  First lay the hat for the pattern on the bottom seam of the shirt(note: have the shirt right sides together so you can just sew right after you cut).  Cut about one inch around the hat and then sew.

Then I cut out the blue felt pieces and glued them on. I used a picture of R2D2 from google as a "pattern." It was pretty easy, becaseu all of the pieces were rectangels or squares.  I would have rather have sewn them on, but I was under a time crunch.  I did not even have fabric glue, I used tacky glue.  Note: if you glue you might want to make the hat a little larger because it does not strech as much with glue. 

To make the shirt/body of the costume:

My baby was 3 months  and I used a 2T long-sleeve white shirt.  Just like the hat I cut and glued the felt pieces on the shirt, using the internet picture as a guide.  For the black parts I used black puffy paint.  Again it was pretty easy, beacuse most of the pieces were retangles.  The top parts I cut  long strips and then cut into each end on a diagonal to give it the R2D2 shape.

Hope you enjoy!  Sorry for the crazy Halloween Tablecloth.