Sunday, August 1, 2010

Baseball Birthday Mania

Today was the big party for my 5 year old...where has the time gone. It went wonderfully and I think everyone had a great time. Since being on a little league team he has been obsessed with baseball so he had a "awesome" time. We had the party at his preschool, so there was plenty for everyone to do (even for the younger siblings). I made the baseball bean bag toss (see this post), filled a water table with water and toys, and of course the pinata (which was quite fitting since it was a baseball party). For the cake I make baseball cake pops following instructions from bakerella. I think they turned out pretty well considering it was my first time and I am not a fabulous baker. For the favors I made Angels baseball backpacks. As always I forgot a few things (the candles), but the birthday boy had a great time which was all I really cared about.



  1. I LOVE drawstring backpacks

  2. I like that beanbag toss idea! Thanks for linking to the Craftastic Birthday Link Party:)