Monday, August 16, 2010

Superhero Wristband Tutorial

Being a mom of 2 young boys means that I have learned a lot about superheroes. For example there is not just Batman, Superman, and Spiderman. Oh no, there is also The Flash, Green Lantern, The Atom, Wonder Woman (ok I remember that one), Green Arrow, Robin, and Aquaman. And these are just some of the heroes; I have not even named any villains. Flying around the house pretending to fight crime and the evil villains of the world. So I thought I would help them make the world safer by making some superhero costumes.
I began with reversible Batman/Superman cape and then I thought they needed some more equipment. So a wristband (that can make calls to Batman and can shot bat rays) and a tool belt for all the crime fighting "supplies." So I thought I would tell you all how to make one for your superhero. I am calling it a mini tutorial, because I do not have any pictures, but it is pretty straightforward. Next up masks and superhero tool belt.
Felt (I like using a wool felt blend, but any kind will do)
Felt scrap (for emblem)
Stabilizer (optional)
1. I cut the felt into 2 long skinny rectangles about 7.5 X 2 inches each.
clip_image004 clip_image006
2. Sew together (you do not need to sew right sides and turn, because felt does not fray).
clip_image008clip_image010 clip_image012
3. Pin on the Velcro to each side. Remember to sew the hook on one side then turn it over and sew the loop on the other side opposite from the first.
clip_image014 clip_image016
4. On the felt scrap fold in half (so you have 2 layers) and draw/trace the emblem you want (for this tutorial I am making a Superman wristband so my shape is a “triangle”). Topstitch around the perimeter of the shape.
clip_image020 clip_image022 clip_image024
5. Cut shape to be sewn onto the emblem. Any shape will do here are some suggestions: batman symbol, star, lightning bolt, or letter/initial. Since my Superman first initial is a “B” I choose to sewn a “B” on the emblem.
clip_image026 clip_image028
6. Pin and sew around the shape.
7. Pin emblem onto to the wristband. Sew where the emblem overlaps on the wristband (see picture).
clip_image032 clip_image034 clip_image036
clip_image038 clip_image040
8. Cut off any remaining threads (I always forget this part) and let you superhero save the world (or in our case his little bro)
.clip_image042 clip_image044 clip_image046
- To make a Batman symbol I just copied a picture from Google and pasted it in a word document so I could change the size. Then I printed it out, traced on black felt, and cut. I then topstitched the Batman symbol to the yellow ovals.
-Sorry if my cutting mat looks dirty, I just cut A LOT of fabric on it.
So I know that is hard to visualize these steps, so let me know if something is unclear


  1. A sewing blog by someone who has two boys - hooray! So many of the cute crafty blogs are all about girls, but our boys need cute things too! Thank you for starting your blog, I WILL be making the superhero wrist bands!