Friday, August 27, 2010

Bean Bag Tutorial with Activity Cards

So the summer was winding down, and the mommy and me class that I teach was almost over.  I wanted to leave them with a gift, but something they could use.  So I thought a set of beanbags and activity cards wrapped in a scarf would be great.  There are many different tutorials and patterns for bean bags, however, this is what I did to make mine.
Fabric Squares (mine were 5 x 5 much bigger would be difficult  for small hands)
Filler: I like using flax seed, it is cheap and feels “neat” and then the bean bag can be used as a boo boo bag.  Something else I like to use is poly pellets, which, can be a little difficult to find, but the beanbags can be washed.  Rice and beans can be used as well.
Sewing supplies
For some of my beanbags I put the child's picture, using pintable fabric, on one side.
Sewing instructions:
1. Cut fabric into 5  x 5 inch squares.
2.  If putting a picture on the beanbag follow this step if not go to set 3.   Import picture(s) into a word document and resize (mine were around 3 x 3 inches.  Print onto printable fabric and follow the manufacture instruction.  Cut out leaving 1/4-1/2 inch boarder around each picture and press under (so there are no “raw” edges).  Pin onto one 5 x 5 square and topstitch.
3. Pin 2 squares right sides together leaving a small opening to turn.  Sew and turn out.
4.  Press all seams.
5. Topstitch starting at the end of the opening and go all around the square stopping before the opening (basically topstitch around the perimeter leaving the opening open)
6.  Stuff with filler of choice.
7. Pin opening closed and stitch closed.
8.  Enjoy playing with you new beanbags.
One thing I would like to do is make a set of different shapes (square, triangle, rectangle, circle) which helps reinforce shapes.
Great birthday party favors/gifts

Here is one set of Beanbag activity cards, I will post more later.  They can be printed from your computer or have them printed from a photo website (I used Costco and target because I did not want to use up my ink).  Once printed you can punch a hole and attach them with ribbon, 3-ring binder clip, or small chain.  I wrapped mine in a scarf, which can also be used for playtime (activity card for that is included).



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  1. What a talented and kind teacher you are. Oh, to be able to sew!

  2. What a lovely gift to share! And yes, to be able to sew (or at lesst have a sewing machine so I could learn!)

  3. Ooooh very clever. A great gift indeed.